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See the comparison of family tree software. Click here for family tree software. Try Cyndi's List. Click here for more information on Cyndi's List. Try the Genealogy Search Advice website. Go to Genealogy Search Advice.
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Family Tree Software

It is best to use some type of family tree software for keeping track of your genealogy records. It is best if you starting using the software right away otherwise you might find yourself in the position of having to enter a huge amount of information if you delayed your software choice. Here is a listing of the more popular family tree software products:

FAST TRACK Family Tree Maker. This is probably the most full-featured family tree software available. Click here for more information on Family Tree Maker.
Ancestral Quest. Ancestral Quest was the first desktop family tree program to be certified to access, update and sync with the family tree database of New FamilySearch (NFS). Click here for more information on Ancestral Quest.
Legacy Family Tree. When you have exhuasted the resources of FamilySearch, Legacy's built-in Research Guidance takes you to the next step. Click here for more information on Legacy Family Tree.
RootsMagic.RootsMagic includes features such as book publishing, color coding, wallcharts, shareable CD's, running straight off of a flash drive, interactive problem lists, online publishing, and a mobile app. Click here for more information on RootsMagic.

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Advanced Research

This site is designed to provide the basics in researching your genealogy. It emphasizes the use of the Federal Census, Social Security Death Index, online family trees, and birth/death records. There are, of course, more sources of information. If you are looking for advice on additional sources, go to Genealogy Search Advice. That site will provide you with customized research advice based on what you already know about your ancestors.